Dr.Localize Is Recruiting Professional English-Vietnamese Translator/Editor, and Project Coordinator

Dr.Localize Communication Bridge Co. Ltd (Dr.Localize Co. Ltd.) – is a professional multilingual service provider based in Hanoi, Vietnam. We focus on providing translation, localization, transcreation, transcription, copyrighting, DTP, voice-over, subtitling, testing, and other language related services for the South East Asia locales: Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Malay, Tagalog/Filipino, Khmer (Cambodian), Lao, Burmese.

We are now in the process of finding members who want to become a part of steadily growing Dr.Localize. If you are interested in linguistic career, please take a look at Dr.Localize’s openings as below:

1. Full-time English-Vietnamese Translator (requires 2+ years of professional experience)
2. Full-time English-Vietnamese Editor (requires 3+ years of professional experience)
3. Full-time Project Coordinator (IT skills and knowledge, professionalism, management skills, good command of English and communication)
4. English-Vietnamese freelancers in ICT, Hospitality, Medical, Marketing.

🏵️Becoming a Dr.Localizer (full-time staff), you will also get some BENEFITS as follows:

– Salary: 3P Compensation Management (pay for Position, Person and Performance)
– Annual leave 12 days/year, pay overtime (if any), rules following Vietnam Labor Law
– Allowance: motorbike parking, birthday, children’s birthday, wedding, holidays (summer and winter vacations), healthcare plan, seniority, company’s birthday …
– 2 vacations/year, team building activities, end-year/new year party…
– Training program (if needed): localization skills, professional translation processes and tools, etc.
– Professional knowledge gained from this position: English and Vietnamese (especially terminology in various subject fields); new softwares, applications, opportunity to bring the new invention/products to Vietnam market, etc.
– Working environment: professional, international, friendly, flexible, stable career, long-time cooperation

Working at Dr.Localize, you’ll never get bored ))

If you want to try, kindly send us your CV at recruitment@drlocalize.com and don’t forget the subject line: “Application for [position that you apply]_Full Name_Year of birth”

Thank you so much for your view on our post and we hope that we will have opportunity to cooperate in the future