Dr.Localize Communication Bridge Co. Ltd (Dr.Localize Co. Ltd.) successfully organized the internship program for students of K57, School of Foreign Languages, Hanoi University of Science and Technology last August. The internship program is more than an opportunity for students to practice their academic knowledge and skills. Above all, it is really an important step to help students get to know a real working environment and understand more about themselves in choosing their future job.

Dr.Localize Co. Ltd is a professional multilingual service provider. We offer a wide spectrum of customer-oriented services to meet the ever-increasing demand for content and multimedia localization to help businesses quickly reach clients and ship their products to markets. The internship program  is one of our annual programs for English students of the School of Foreign Languages, HUST. Dr.Localize supports SOFL students with the hope that students could see how the knowledge and translation skills they have gained at school could be applied to the real work and understand more about what they could do as a full time job in the future. Specifically, the internship programs are tailored-made with a view to guiding translation and working skills and preparing them tips to engage in a professional and active environment.

Until now, it is the 6th internship program that Dr.Localize has organized for SOFL students. The program attracts 40 participants and lasts for 6 weeks from July 6th to August 14th, 2015. In the customized program, the students would first complete a survey showing their career goals and passion for the translation/interpretation job. During their internship, students were assigned linguistic projects so that they could acquire the real workflow and follow the professional working style. They are trained and supported by a team of qualified and experienced staff in a professional and dedicated manner. Mr. Duke, CEO of Dr.Localize said, “The Company has organized several internship programs to support students in their first step into the real enterprise world. Furthermore, after the program, our Company is also committed to supporting the students in perfecting their skills and providing job opportunities to interested and qualified students. The internship program is still maintained and hosted freely for all interns.”

The annual internship programs powered by Dr.Localize are highly appreciated and given great compliments by teachers of the School of Foreign Languages. According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, teacher of English Language (General) Department, “The program focuses on exactly what the students have learnt at university. Students have a wonderful opportunity of getting to know a professional working environment and applying their academic knowledge as well as gaining soft skills that are really essential for them.” Ms. Dau Thi Le Hieu, Head of the English Language (ESP) and Translation Department emailed us with the message: “Thank  you very much for your help and support with our students in the internship program. HUST students are really grateful and they are still longing for more chances to work in such a professional working environment. We hope HUST and Dr.Localize will have more and more cooperation chances like this.”

The programs are also highly anticipated by HUST students due to its great value. One of the students, Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen wrote, “The internship program is really useful. It provides us essential experience and working skills that we could not learn at university. I am truly grateful and would like to give great thanks to the Company.” One team leader, Ma Minh Trang shared her opinions: “During our internship, the company’s facilitators are very dedicated and always willing and ready to help us. They are always in time and very professional.” Upon the completion of the program, most of the students wish that the program could last longer and hope for a chance to work in the company. A male student, Dao Duy Nam added, “After the program, I really love to have a chance to work here.”

The internship programs of Dr.Localize in cooperation with the School of Foreign Languages, Hanoi University of Science and Technology are organized annually. They will continue to be improved days by days to become more and more effective and open new and wonderful doors to future for students.