Those Around Me…

In my mission to pen an article about the core qualities vital for professionals in the localization sector, I chose to steer away from a heavily academic narrative, opting instead to portray the genuine stories of individuals within our company. Through these authentic accounts, you’ll see the embodiment of passionate, hardworking and dedicated professionals who […]

Discovering the Little Joys: the hidden gems of workplace camaraderie and work life

Reflect on a moment when a spontaneous office joke or an unplanned conversation crossed the threshold of mundane work discussions and transformed into a shared burst of laughter, bonding colleagues in a profound yet simple way. Explore how these instances of genuine connection enrich our professional lives, turning routine tasks into memories we cherish and […]

Spring Gathering 2024

On February 25, 2024, Dr. Localize welcomed the spring season with a heartwarming party, embracing the staff and their families in a celebration that echoed the themes of unity and renewal inherent to the new year of the dragon. This event was not just a gathering but a vibrant testament to the company’s ethos of […]

Team Building and 2023 Year End Party 

In the heart of a chilly season, Dr. Localize chose to kindle the warmth of camaraderie and celebration by hosting its team building trip and year-end party at a cozy resort situated 20 kilometers from Hanoi. This gathering was not just an event but a cherished tradition, designed to bid adieu to the year 2023 […]

Company Trip to Taiwan 2023

As I reminisce about the Taiwan company trip of 2023, a bittersweet nostalgia washes over me, tinged with a hint of regret for what has passed. Over five days and four nights, we embarked on a journey that intertwined camaraderie, exploration, and gastronomic delights. The memories flood back vividly—the myriad flavors of Taiwanese cuisine tantalizing […]

12-Year Anniversary and Grand New Office Opening Ceremony 2022!

On a day marked by splendid sunshine and a gentle, warm breeze signaling the end of autumn in 2022, we joyously celebrated our 12th company anniversary alongside the grand opening of our new office. Meticulous preparations brought every corner of the office to life, crafted lovingly by the hands of all Dr.Localizers, igniting an atmosphere […]

Our Date with Dr.Localize – Autumn 2022

Amidst the breathtaking beauty of Autumn and under the warm sunshine, we were absolutely thrilled to gather with our fellow Dr.Localizers at a delightful farm resort in Soc Son, just on the outskirts of Hanoi, for our exhilarating annual team-building getaway! This yearly tradition is a fantastic opportunity for all of us to escape the […]