our scholarship program

We are also passionate about supporting talented pupils who face personal challenges in their lives. Dr.Localize takes pride in donating funds to assist such individuals who have exhibited remarkable determination to excel in their studies despite adversities. By easing their financial burden, we hope to inspire and motivate them to pursue their dreams without hesitation. We firmly believe that every deserving individual should have an equal chance to access education and unleash their full potential.

our internship program

We have launched our flagship programs, tailored specifically for final-year students and individuals passionate about linguistics and professional development. Recognizing the unparalleled value of hands-on experience in career development, we offer internships that allow participants to transform their theoretical knowledge into practical skills. Within our professional environment, they will work under the guidance of seasoned experts, gaining practical insights and skills that are crucial for their future success.

Find out more about our training programs at our Wisdom site.

social support

Dr.Localize extends its commitment to social responsibility beyond educational support, actively aiding individuals facing life’s hardships. Our contributions aim to provide relief to those in challenging circumstances, including generous donations to medical entities during the Covid-19 pandemic. This reflects our dedication not only to fostering educational growth but also to alleviating the wider societal impacts of crises, underscoring our belief in compassion and support for the community at large. Through these efforts, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.