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Dr.Localize is

embrace flexibility with our hybrid work model

Understanding the crucial balance between work and life, Dr.Localize champions a hybrid work model. This approach offers the freedom to work from anywhere with internet access, blending home and office work to perfectly balance professional responsibilities with personal life.

excellent digital employee experience

At Dr.Localize, we invest in cutting-edge technology and platforms, empowering our team to work with greater efficiency and creativity. This commitment to digital excellence drives superior results and fosters an innovative working environment.

comprehensive benefit policy for internal staff

annual training programs

Dedicated to sharpening the skills and expanding the knowledge of our team, Dr.Localize ensures everyone stays abreast of the latest industry trends and advancements through regular training. This commitment not only signifies our investment in professional development but also nurtures a culture of lifelong learning within the organization.

monthly workshops

We provide a vibrant framework for employees to share insights, innovations, or personal stories, fostering knowledge exchange and networking. This initiative strengthens the bond among colleagues, enhancing our collaborative spirit and sense of community.

regular health check-ups

Dr.Localize prioritizes employee health by providing access to regular medical services at leading hospitals. Regular comprehensive health screenings help maintain a workforce that is both physically and mentally robust, underscoring our dedication to preventative care and overall well-being.

comprehensive insurance coverage

Recognizing the importance of security for our employees and their families, we offer extensive life and health insurance. This coverage ensures peace of mind for all, affirming our commitment to the health and safety of our team members and their loved ones.

team building and company trips

Through both domestic and international retreats, we enhance team cohesion and encourage collaboration. These experiences allow employees to forge deeper connections with one another, reinforcing our unified culture and collective identity.

family-inclusive company vacations

Dr.Localize celebrates work-life harmony by arranging company trips that include paid vacation for employees and their families. These getaways are a testament to our belief in the significance of family, offering memorable experiences that enrich our company’s culture.

children’s joy fest

Special events for our employees’ children, like Children’s Day and the Mid Autumn Festival, are filled with joy and celebration. These gatherings are designed to make our extended family feel valued, highlighting the inclusive and caring environment we foster.

career guidance for employees’ children

By providing vocational guidance, we help our employees’ children explore their passions and potential career avenues. This forward-thinking approach aims to inspire and empower the next generation, reflecting our investment in their futures.

benefits for part-time employees

Our dynamic team of part-time professionals enjoys a comprehensive suite of benefits, reflecting our commitment to their success and well-being.

annual health checks

Demonstrating our dedication to our team's health, we offer yearly health evaluations to support and promote overall wellness, ensuring our employees feel valued and cared for.

insurance coverage

We provide both social and health insurance, offering a financial safety net against unexpected events like accidents or illness. This coverage ensures our team members have the peace of mind and security they need during challenging times.

ongoing professional development

We’re deeply invested in the continuous growth of our team. Through regular training programs, we aim to bolster their skills and keep them abreast of the latest industry trends, ensuring they have the tools to thrive in their roles.

celebratory bonuses

In recognition of our shared achievements and individual milestones, we offer special bonuses on the company’s anniversary as well as each

in their words: vendors' testimonials

Everybody that I'm working with at the company is very supportive, which contributes mostly to my good experience. I can always seek clarification and support from the coordinator, manager, team members, etc. For example: I had to do my job on Sunday. I couldn't get the credentials since the server was under maintenance. I contacted the manager as well as other team members of that project. They all helped me out despite the fact that it was not a regular working day. How kind and great of them! The people I must say. They are all very nice.

Nguyen Tuyet Lan Full time Vendor

I had the pleasure of working with Dr.Localize as their vendors, and it was an incredibly positive experience. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering high-quality translations were truly impressive. Throughout our collaboration, they consistently demonstrated excellent project management skills and a deep understanding of the quality control. Their clear and prompt communication made the entire translation process smooth and efficient. It was a pleasure working with Dr.Localize, and I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of top-notch translations and excellent project management. The project manager team always responded promptly and assisted with queries. Occasional difficulties with delivery times were understood and accommodated. The team of Resource Managers always communicate kindly and respect the vendors and give sincere recognition. Payments are made on time and it has always been a pleasure to work with Dr.localize! Thanks!

CCJK Partner

Even though I've only recently worked with Dr.Localize, I've been impressed by Dr.Localize's professionalism when making deals with enthusiastic PMs or HR and how very friendly they are in talking to each other. It makes me expect that in the future I will be able to work with Dr.Localize more than ever.

Bantita Sukontaroj Thai Vendor

A few of several positive experiences, that stand out for me when working with Dr.Localize : (i) Always considerate with deadlines; (ii) Prompt response when I have queries; (iii) I love the timeliness with payments

Lupe Tupou Tongan vendor

Working with Dr. Localize has been an absolute pleasure. Their exceptional expertise, professionalism, and dedication have truly exceeded my expectations. From the start, Dr. Localize demonstrated remarkable communication skills, ensuring that everyone involved in the project was on the same page. Their ability to proactively address challenges and find innovative solutions has been impressive. Dr. Localize's project management skills have been instrumental in keeping everything organized and ensuring timely completion of tasks. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality results have been truly remarkable.

Le Thi Ngoc Anh Vietnamese vendor

The team is professional, understanding and is ready to answer any questions. I have worked with them for many years and am still happy to work with them. Easy to communicate and a good number of projects.

Sann Tola Khmer Vendor

Working with Dr. Localize is such a great pleasure to me. The project managers are so accommodating and they ensure good communication with me when dealing with projects. And also, they provided guidance and help when I needed it. I feel that my work is being valued and they make me feel that I am a part of their achievements in the localization industry. Dr.Localize is so accommodating and treats their vendors with value and respect. This is the most special experience that sets Dr. Localize apart from other localization service providers. I hope to continue my partnership with Dr. Localize and hope for many more projects and collaborations this year. Thank you!

Jessa Ann Malquisto Tagalog/Filipino vendor

I appreciate the professionalism of the team at Dr. Localize. They are dedicated, open-minded and have excellent communication. The team at Dr. Localize has great communication. They are always prompt to respond to the questions which I think is important to get the tasks done in a timely manner. As well as the administrative issue, the team provides clear information

Sirimanas Maungrod Thai vendor

I am very happy to work with Dr.Localize, with very professional staff and management. I really like the workflow provided by Dr.Localize. Very organized, making it easier for me as a vendor to work. When I first used the MemoQ application, I was a little worried, but the staff were very patient in directing me to use it. Another time, I was asked to send my file (I forgot what it is) and at that time my cellphone was almost out of battery. However, the staff responded by saying I could send it when I got home. Many other examples show that Dr.Localize's vendor management is very good.

Asma Indonesian vendor

Great communication. I'm glad to be working with all the teammates from Dr. Localize. All project coordinators have a clear assignment and take a quick response for all the concerns I might need. Hope to keep this good relationship for the future :). The Project manager always is online most of the non-working hours so this is very helpful when I have any concern to raise. I'm so grateful to be working with the professional team from Dr. Localize. Everyone is an expert at assigning tasks and provides great support all the time.

Theng Thor Lao vendor

Professional approach to vendor’s time and friendly communication. Timely and efficient help in any work situation. I am glad to work with the great team of Dr.Localize.

Elena Kharlamova Japanese vendor

Nice Team, all are great and friendly. Clear communication. I've been working with Dr.Localize for a long time, all PMs are nice and friendly. The payments are smooth and the Accounting team is very supportive.

Nipaporn Athithanukun Thai vendor

Good communication. A trusted, honest professional partner with high quality, always positive and flexible on the cooperations.

Aroonchai Karen vendor

I am very proud to be a part of Dr.Localize team, the communication is very clear, fast and smooth, Lucas, Michelle are very kind and easy to communicate with, the payment also on time, I have supported Dr.Localize for almost 7 years, and hope to have long term cooperation. I will do my best to support Dr.Localize, and I will support this company as long as I can, and thank you so much for giving me a chance to be a part of your team.

Banxay Saysouphanh Lao vendor