Those Around Me…

Dr.Localizers celebrated year-end party In my mission to pen an article about the core qualities vital for professionals in the localization sector, I chose to steer away from a heavily academic narrative, opting instead to portray the genuine stories of individuals within our company. Through these authentic accounts, you’ll see the embodiment of passionate, hardworking […]

AI Translation vs. Modern NMT: Understanding the Differences

In the rapidly evolving world of language services, AI-powered translation and modern Neural Machine Translation (NMT) are often discussed interchangeably. However, they have distinct characteristics and implications for producing high-quality content. Understanding these differences and implementing appropriate measures can significantly impact the effectiveness and accuracy of translations. Machine Translation (MT) refers to the use of […]

Dr.Localize Successfully Completes Stage 2 Audit for ISO 18587 Certification with ATC

Dr.Localize ISO board prepares for ISO 18587 auditing Dr.Localize ISO board prepares for ISO 18587 auditing Dr.Localize is proud to announce the successful completion of the Stage 2 audit for the ISO 18587 certification, conducted by the Association of Translation Companies (ATC). This significant milestone underscores our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of […]

Machine Translation and Post Editing

Briefs End Client: Groupe ADP Industries: Aviation, Airport Services Services: Translation Languages: English-Vietnamese, French-Vietnamese Content: Administrative, Technical, Financial About Groupe ADP Groupe ADP, also known as AĆ©roports de Paris, operates Paris’ airport hubs, including Charles de Gaulle, Orly, and Le Bourget. The group is a key player in the global aviation industry, managing over 25 […]

Discovering the Little Joys: the hidden gems of workplace camaraderie and work life

Reflect on a moment when a spontaneous office joke or an unplanned conversation crossed the threshold of mundane work discussions and transformed into a shared burst of laughter, bonding colleagues in a profound yet simple way. Explore how these instances of genuine connection enrich our professional lives, turning routine tasks into memories we cherish and […]

Building a Strong and Solid Brand in the Localization Industry

In the fast-paced and intricately connected world of globalization, the localization industry stands as a critical bridge, connecting cultures and businesses across linguistic and cultural divides. As such, building a brand in this sector goes beyond mere translation services; it’s about creating a solid and dependable entity that resonates with clients, employees, and communities alike. […]

Dr.Localize has successfully renewed ISO 17100 certificate

In March 2024, Dr.Localize took a significant step forward in reaffirming its commitment to excellence in translation and localization services by successfully renewing its ISO 17100 certification. This milestone was achieved through a collaborative effort with a consulting firm, which guided Dr.Localize through the rigorous re-audit process. The original certification, issued in 2020, set a […]

Spring Gathering 2024

On February 25, 2024, Dr. Localize welcomed the spring season with a heartwarming party, embracing the staff and their families in a celebration that echoed the themes of unity and renewal inherent to the new year of the dragon. This event was not just a gathering but a vibrant testament to the company’s ethos of […]

The Vital Role of Business Culture in the Sustainable Development of Companies in the New Era

Introduction: In today’s rapidly changing world, sustainability has emerged as a crucial concern for businesses. As companies strive to navigate an increasingly complex and interconnected global landscape, they are realizing that profitability alone is not enough to secure long-term success. The adoption of sustainable practices and the cultivation of a strong business culture have become […]

The Heart of Language Services: Embracing a Customer-Centric Approach

Introduction In today’s globalized world, effective communication is crucial, and Language Service Providers (LSPs) play a pivotal role. To maintain relevance and superiority in the market, LSPs are increasingly adopting a customer-centric approach. This strategy not only fosters stronger relationships but also significantly enhances service delivery, ensuring client needs are met with precision and professionalism. […]