Machine Translation and Post Editing

Machine Translation and Post Editing


End Client: Groupe ADP
Industries: Aviation, Airport Services
Services: Translation
Languages: English-Vietnamese, French-Vietnamese
Content: Administrative, Technical, Financial

About Groupe ADP

Groupe ADP, also known as Aéroports de Paris, operates Paris' airport hubs, including Charles de Gaulle, Orly, and Le Bourget. The group is a key player in the global aviation industry, managing over 25 airports worldwide. It specializes in airport design, construction, and operation, offering comprehensive solutions that encompass the full spectrum of airport services.

Client’s Requirements

Groupe ADP required a high volume of documents translated within a short timeframe to meet the strict deadlines of their bidding process, necessitating notarization post-translation.


Short Turnaround for High Volume:
582 pages (~ 200,000 words) in two (02) weekds.The project demanded rapid translation of extensive documentation, challenging our capacity to deliver within the required timeframe.

Image-based Document Translation:
Many of the documents provided were image-based scans, requiring technical preparation to make them suitable for translation.

Our Solutions

Optical Character Recognition (OCR):
We employed advanced OCR tools to convert image-based documents into editable text formats, enabling efficient translation workflows.

Machine Translation with Human Post-Editing:
To expedite the translation process, we used custom language models for initial machine translation, followed by meticulous post-editing by skilled linguists to ensure the translations met the high standards required for notarization.


Timely Delivery:
We successfully delivered the translated documents within the stipulated deadline, fully meeting the quality expectations set by Groupe ADP.

Strengthened Client Relationship:
Our ability to meet Groupe ADP’s demanding requirements earned their trust and opened doors for further cooperation in future projects.