Language Services (Mettler)

Language Services (Mettler)


End Client: Mettler
Industries: Life Science, Healthcare
Services:Full Translation (Translation, Editing, Proofreading)
Languages: English-Vietnamese
Content: Clinical Documentation, Medical Device Manuals, Product Information & Instructions, Medical Records, Patient Information Leaflets, Research Papers & Scholarly Articles

About Mettler

Mettler is a leading provider in the life sciences and healthcare sectors, renowned for its precision instruments and services. The company is dedicated to advancing medical research and patient care with innovative solutions that enhance accuracy and streamline processes.

Client's Requirements

Mettler requires the translation of their documents to be accurate and accessible to their target audience, while maintaining high academic and professional standards. Special emphasis is placed on the correct usage of specialized terminology and adherence to deadlines.


Technical Terminology: With new inventions and specialized medical equipment, finding accurate terminology in conventional dictionaries or online resources is challenging, leading to increased risks of misinterpretation.

Diverse Content Types: The variety of document types necessitates distinct translation approaches and writing styles, complicating the translation process.

Communication Issues: Previous engagements with other vendors showed significant communication problems during the Language Quality Assurance (LQA) process, characterized by confrontational feedback exchanges and a lack of constructive criticism.

Our Solutions

Collaboration with Medical Experts: We formed a team of medical experts to conduct final reviews of translated documents. This ensures the use of precise terminology, appropriate language, and faithful interpretation of the original texts.

Tailored Approach for Document Types: We categorized and classified different document types, applying tailored translation approaches and writing styles. We also created a reference list of untranslatable medical terms and involved both the client and reviewers in the approval process during pre-project meetings to align expectations.

Clear Communication and Expectations: Dr.Localize prioritized clear communication and set explicit expectations by clarifying the client's quality standards. Regular meetings were scheduled to understand and adjust to reviewer expectations more effectively.


Throughout the project, the LQA score remained stable, achieving an impressive pass rate of 95%, reflecting high-quality translation standards and enhanced client satisfaction.