Image Collection

Image Collection


End Client: Flitto
Industries: Technology, AI
Services: Image Collection
Languages: Thai, Turkish
Content: Varied Scenes and Writing Forms

About Flitto

Flitto is a leading technology company specializing in language data collection and translation through AI and crowd-sourced contributions. The company leverages advanced technology to provide data solutions and translation services across multiple languages, enhancing global communication and AI applications.

Client's Requirements

Flitto required the collection of a large number of images within a limited timeframe, with each set of images needing to showcase a diverse range of scenes and writing forms per location and category. Furthermore, the project specifications demanded that the images be captured using only certain models of iOS devices.


Time-Sensitive Image Collection: The project required gathering a substantial volume of images quickly, necessitating meticulous planning and swift execution to adhere to the client's strict deadlines.

Ensuring Image Diversity: Achieving a broad spectrum of images per location and category demanded rigorous organization and coordination to ensure all content met the client's detailed specifications.

Limited iOS Device Compatibility: The requirement for specific iOS device models restricted the availability of suitable photographers, necessitating careful coordination and resource management to ensure adequate coverage and image quality.

Our Solutions

Collaboration with Multiple Agencies and Individuals: Dr.Localize partnered with various agencies and freelance photographers across different cities in the assigned countries, ensuring extensive coverage and efficient project execution.

Client Meetings and Training Sessions: Regular meetings with the client were complemented by training sessions for all vendors involved. This approach facilitated quick feedback loops, significantly enhancing the overall quality of the images and ensuring daily submissions were up to standard for quality control purposes.

Setting up Secured File Sharing and Management Platform: To meet the client’s deadline, the real-time and prompt review of the collected images from multiple vendors plays a vital role. We have deployed the secured and centralized file sharing platform so that vendors can install it on iOS devices and will upload the collected images once ready. The project manager will be notified and proceed with reviewing and providing feedback to vendors and may ask for more images if some do not meet the requested criteria.


Dr.Localize successfully collected a sufficient number of diverse images, fully meeting the client's expectations within the stipulated time frame.