Language Services (Apple)

Language Services (Apple)


End Client: Apple
Industries: ICT
Services: Full Translation (Translation, Editing, Proofreading
Languages: English-Vietnamese, English-Thai
Content: UI, UX, Sales Training Materials, Promotional Articles, Technician & Developer Instructions

About Apple

Apple Inc., a celebrated global technology leader and one of our esteemed long-standing partners, stands out for its groundbreaking products and cutting-edge solutions. These innovations have redefined the consumer electronics industry, delivering iconic devices and seamless user experiences.

Client's Requirements

Apple requires high-quality translations across a variety of documents, encompassing both communicative and technical content. Their specific needs include natural expression, industry relevance, and precise usage of terminology to ensure accurate and consistent information across both internal and user-facing materials.


Inconsistent Translation Database: The Translation Memory (TM) and Terminology Database (TB) have become inconsistent due to contributions from multiple translators and reviewers. Unclear approval timelines and designated approvers have compounded this issue, making it difficult to determine which translations should be adopted.

Diverse Content Types: Apple's documentation includes both communicative and technical content, demanding translators who are not only skilled in marketing but also have a passion for technology and engineering.

New and Unlisted Terminology: Apple’s continuous innovation introduces numerous new terms that are not found in standard dictionaries, presenting challenges in accurate translation.

Premium Product Line: The high-end nature of Apple products means that not all translators have firsthand experience with these devices, which may pose challenges in understanding and conveying the unique features and value of the products.

Our Solutions

Specialized Linguist Selection: We assigned experienced linguists with specific expertise in communicative or technical content to ensure accurate translation and proofreading. When necessary, we select linguists proficient in both areas and require them to visit Apple Stores to better understand native language-specific terminology.

Full Process (TEP): We implemented a minimum full translation process involving translation and proofreading, regardless of project size.

In-house Lead Selection: We selected project leads from our in-house team who are passionate about Apple products and capable of defending translations and guiding the team to meet strict requirements and consolidate improvement points.

Offline Files and QA Tools: To address limitations in accessing online terminology, we export relevant files offline for quality assurance checks. This allows linguists to track and report inconsistent terminology directly to Apple, facilitating easier updates and revisions to the Translation Memory and Terminology Databases.


Our solutions have met Apple’s expectations in terms of quality output and pass rates. Additionally, we have improved relationships between the translation and evaluation teams through regular and transparent communication.