Language Services (Microsoft)

Language Services (Microsoft)


End Client: Microsoft
Industries: ICT
Services: Translation, Editing, Proofreading (TEP)
Languages: English-Indonesian, English-Vietnamese
Content: UI, UX, Technical Articles/Blogs

About Microsoft

Microsoft is a global technology giant known for its software, services, devices, and solutions that help both individuals and businesses realize their full potential. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Microsoft continually pushes the boundaries of technology to create better tools for a world of diverse users.

Client's Requirements

Microsoft requires the translation of a high volume of technical content with a 24-hour turnaround. This includes ensuring consistent terminology, strict adherence to stylistic guidelines, and compliance with character requirements, all supported by a dedicated translation tool.


High Daily Translation Volume: The project mandates a minimum translation volume of 10,000 words per day, including on non-holiday days, which places a significant demand on resources and workflow management.

Outdated Translation Memory (TM) and Terminology Database (TB): These resources contain outdated and inconsistent terminology from the early years of the IT industry, leading to difficulties in maintaining uniformity and accuracy.

Lack of Evaluation: Without a dedicated evaluator, the translation quality has varied significantly, with poor-quality translations from previous projects being incorporated into the TM.

Unstable Internet Connection and User-Unfriendly Interface: The online translation tool often experiences instability due to fluctuating internet connections, and its complex interface adds to the challenge, particularly with lengthy sentences.

Infrequent Client Meetings: The lack of regular meetings with Microsoft limits communication and collaboration, potentially impacting project alignment and understanding.

Our Solutions

Resource Expansion and Selection: We have expanded our resources to include translators who not only possess strong ICT backgrounds but also demonstrate quick learning abilities and a willingness to work flexible hours. Their passion for technology and robust translation skills enable them to handle complex content effectively.

Continuous Client Feedback: We have instituted ongoing communication channels with Microsoft to discuss updates on data repositories, terminology, and outdated practices, proposing timely adaptations in usage methods and writing styles appropriate to the document types.

Project Lead and Quality Control: A dedicated project lead has been established to ensure a consistent translation approach, address inquiries, and monitor and control quality across contributions. This role also involves assisting the client in identifying and training suitable project leads.

Interface and Network Optimization: We recommended translating documents in Excel format to enhance visibility and accuracy for lengthy sentences, and established a dedicated network for the project's computers to mitigate interface difficulties.

Monthly Internal Meetings: Regular internal meetings are held to consolidate feedback, address common errors, discuss preventive measures, and plan improvements.


The translation quality consistently meets Microsoft's expectations, fostering strong, lasting relationships between project managers and coordinators.